L & L Jacobsen Farm
Marquette, Ne 68854

We are a small family farm operation.  We’re working hard to produce high quality grass fed and finished beef.

Grass is the natural diet for ruminants like cattle.  Grain in the digestive tract creates an acidic environment, ideal for the development of the harmful 0157-H7 strain of  E-coli.  The neutral ph of the digestive tract in our Grass Fed cattle improves the health of the cattle and greatly decreases the chance of E-coli contamination in meat.  Healthier cattle mean we do not need routine use of antibiotics.  Grain feeding causes Omega 6 in the beef to skyrocket while nearly eliminating Omega 3.  The result is an Omega 6/3 ration of 20/1 or worse.  The main reason we feed grass is because of the improved product we can offer the consumer.  Many specialists advise cardiac patients to avoid eating red meat more than 2-3 times per week.  Grass feeding changes the beef from something to avoid into a “Health Food” (as described in Men’s Journal)

Welcome to Range West Beef

Hamilton County

  1. -located in south central Nebraska

  2. -fertile soils

  3. -irrigated pasture

  4. -cool season grasses